About our Consultant Breeder- Cazzy

PICTURE:Myself on the left, Khushi(one of my babies), Rosie and Candie

I have been breeding birds for 30 years. I was drawn in to the world of birds as a child. My dad used to breed and show budgies. He also used to breed all kinds of finches, cockatiels and he also had a pair of ringneck parakeets.

When I started on my own I too started with budgies, finches and tiels. Then I added various grass parakeets, red rumps and the like. I didn’t hand rear birds for pets then but was forced to handrear the odd clutch that were abandoned for one reason or other by their parents. I once hand reared a female zebra finch. 3 times I had found she had been tossed out of the nest (a drop of about 6 foot). I kept putting her back and she would get tossed out again. The last time I found her I though she was dead so picked her up to bring her indoors to wrap up for burying. All of a sudden I felt a tiny movement. I decided I should try an look after her myself. I knew nothing of hand rearing and then there was no internet for help. I knew she needed what any baby needed warmth and food so I wrapped her in soft tissue and down my bra she went. I had cede and I also ground some millet using a pestle and mortar. I mixed tiny amounts with water and proceeded to try to fathom out how to get this food into this tiny birdie that was no bigger than my finger end lol. The best way I found was to use one of the kids pain brushes at first. Later as she grew I was able to use a pipette then a tiny mustard spoon that my dad bent for me. Cutting a long story short she survived but it turned out she was frightened to death of bird, even her own kind. She lived with us as one of the family for 3 years then she died. She was very tiny and a bit of an odd shape but she was healthy and the vet said the parents knew she wasn’t perfect so they did what they did for the best. I don’t think that if I had my time again I would let her die, I would step in again and again.
It was some years later I handreared 2 cockatiels a few days old. This time it was the breeder who threw them out!!! He had sold the parents and was about to euthanis them but I couldn’t stand by and let him. He laughed at me and said they were almost dead anyway cos they had no heat or food for more than 24 hours. I took them and fed and nurtured them. At about 6 weeks they became ill so I took them to the vets. In those days I didn’t know about avian vets!! I came away having to give them daily antibiotic injections every day……….very traumatic for me. Anyway a few hundred pounds later both birds died from a bacteria in their crops??? I didn’t know what bacteria nor could I afford the extensive tests they wanted to do to find out. Things were so different back then.

About a year later I had my 1st abandoned clutch of cockatiels to hand rear and things went great.I have been hand rearing parrots for about 10 years. I used to help out a friend and word soon got round. Some of the parrots I have hand reared African geys, senegals, caiques, quaker parrots and military macaws. I then went into breeding parrots and so far myself have only bred African greys and senegal parrots. I do have la lot of experience in breeding other parrots to but I still have so much to learn. I feel I know enough to offer help to others or even point them in the right direction but no one can know everything.
I love hand rearing and have leaned so much since the beginning. No more bra brooders lol I have several brinsea TLC4 and a TLC5 so everything is as good as I can get it. I have also got an incubator just in case. I would like to hatch eggs myself but I have learned that the best incubators are the parent birds. In the event of an emergency I will be ready………………I hope.


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