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Are Parrots really as clever as some people make out? Well have a look at my CV and make your own mind up! Get your humans to allow us to show them just what we can do.

Gizmo Baggins Bradley

Curriculum Vitae & Portfolio


Name:- Gizmo Baggins Bradley.
Age:- 9 Years.
Species:- Blue & Yellow Macaw
Owner:- Candie Bradley (National Parrot Behaviorist)
Lives with:- 40 other Parrots of many different species.

Gizmo is or has achieved the following:-
Met the Queen.
Met the Prime Minister at Downing Street & 2000 people for World Parrot Day, in Trafalgar Square & was photographed by the World’s press.
Worked with Michaela Strachen, Nick Baker, Rolf Harris, Quentin Blake & Genaro.
Filmed for the BBC on Test Your Pets (Both programs) & Kids Programs.
Filmed for Animal Planet on several occasions.
Is the World Parrot Trust Organization’s feathered Ambassador.
Honorary Member of Royal Navy, the AA & ROSPA.
Rides his own car, JCB, Skate Board & Train.
Worked with VOLVO on Pirates of the Caribbean promotion.
Was Guest of Honour at the Animal Service at the Cathedral
Started the first ever Parrot Sanctuary at a top level security prison.
Visits sick children & adults in Hospitals.
Launched a new branch of Specsavers.
Works in conjunction with the RSPCA, PDSA WHAC & Petback animal charities.
Has his own Parrot Club.
Assists Civic dignitaries with PR & press events.
Is not fazed by lights, cameras, press or crowds (he actually loves posing for pictures!).
Loves working with children of all ages.
Raises money for other charities.
Attends lectures at colleges, schools, scout groups, OAP homes etc.
Was guest of honour at the Caribbean carnival & appeared on stage.
Worked with JCB on their large machines.
Helped Royal Crown Derby launch their Parrot collection.
Helps to teach trainees about the care & maintenance of Parrots.
Is the Principal for Parrotaid, a parrot rescue sanctuary.
Has opened many fetes, shows, animal events & corporate launches.
Has made over 250 press appearances.
Absolutely loves riding on Fire Engines, with all horns and flashing lights going!
Loves riding on motor bikes!

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