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  • Bijal sharma:

    Please feel free to ask any questions! We are here to help all of you and your pets. I am your Holistic and Alternative adviser.

    Take care

  • Gizmo & The behaviourist:

    Hello everyone, Gizmo and our behaviourist here. Thank you for visiting our site. We are all here to help you and your humans with any problems, so please do not be shy, we are just an E-Mail away from possibly making your lives easier. Well must fly,!
    Warmest Regards from Gizmo and my owner, Candie xxx

  • jaime:

    good work bijal,keep going on.

  • Gizmo:

    How can we ever say a big enough ‘Thank You’ for creating this our own Parrot website. We are all so grateful to you and your consultants for giving us our own say on how to handle our humans. Thank you from, Gizmo, Alfie, Izzy-wizzy, Sparkie, Squeaky Sid, Homer, Scooby, Ralfie and Paddy, we all love you xxxxxxxxxx

  • Philippa:

    Hi Gizmo. Spike here. What a wonderful site you’ve got. I’m hoping my mummy will send a pic of me to you so that you can add me on as one of your friends. Please give my love to Izzy Wizzy and tell your Mummy that my Mummy sends her love and will see her very soon xxxx

  • Smokey:

    Hi Gizmo… what a wonderful site you have made for my mommy to read and learn things on. I have met you once and we are all wondering how you all are? We have not been to see you for a while cos my mom has been poorly.
    She is better now and wants to get my feathers and nails clipped as they are becoming a little long, and we want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Can Candie still do this for me, cos i don’t like it when other people mess with me.
    Also my grandad has been very bad and taught me some bad words and my mom can’t seem to stop me from saying them…. Can you tell her how to get me to stop, i did it when she had company over at the weekend and she was very embarrassed!
    I hope to hear from and hopefully to seeing you soon. Thank you. Lots of love. Smokey and my mom Leanne

  • Rosie Galah:

    Dearest Aunty Candie

    Thank you so much for trimming my nails..Now even the sores under my feet have gone. You were right that the sores weres happening due to my long nails.
    I love you

  • admin:

    Dear smokey

    Please ask your mummy to give me a call as I still do trim nails and feathers


  • Cockatoo Crew:

    Dear Grandma Candie,
    Thank you for all the love, healing and attention you have given to us all over the years- as well as finding us a forever mommy and daddy daft enough to put up with us! We look forward to our visits and yuuuuummy grandma dinners- which in our opinion dont happen as often as they should! We love you millions and more,
    Chester Bester, Henrietta, Flossie and Rosie xxxxxxxxx

  • Cockatoo Crew:

    To those of you who care enough about your birds to read this website i wish to assure you that you need look no further to find a more dedicated resource than Candie.

    I met Candie 8 years ago when struggling to manage the behaviours of my Umbrella Cockatoo Chester. The advice given was second to none.

    Over the years, i have ‘adopted’ 3 more Cockatoo’s through a very careful process which matched the needs of both bird and owner, with the added assurity of Candies’ excellect aftercare package of love and knowledge.

    For this i will be forever indebted to Candie and Parrotaid.

    Leah Iommi and Flock x

  • Robin-April Stork:

    Life is too short if you don’t know a bird! I come from a family of bird-owners and was fortunate enough to meet Candie when I came to England with my two Goffin’s Cockatoos, Goffy and Cockie. Candie has given me tremendous encouragement to help them to make adjustments to their new life, and I can’t thank her enough for her assistance and her care for them. They love her! Her devotion to the care of parrots is much needed in the general community and much appreciated, I know, by many of us parrot lovers.

  • Sharon:

    Hello Candie and Gizmo

    I have just found your new site and think it’s lovely.

    Glad to know you are all well.

    Hope to see you all soon
    Love and best wishes Sharon,Glenn and the birds
    x x x

  • Rainbow:

    Dear Candie

    This is Rainbow, Superb Parrot. Thank you so much for teaching me to be part of a loving family. You taught me how to jump onto my mummy and I love my feathered family. Khushi and Rosie love me so much and they even let me go into their cage.Now I have the confidence to step onto my mummy’s hand and its really nice.
    My mummy gives all of us lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and sprouted seeds and beans..yummy. She even gives me a big dish..I love my new family and they love me so much.
    Thank you Aunty Candie

  • David Gibson:

    Hello Gizmo im loving the new site and i see u have many friends to talk to, and people that would love to meet u. Hope you have a good time chatting to people on your site and face book!
    love David x

  • jane:

    hi there candie
    jane here from erewash sound
    just had to send you a message to say thanks to you and gizmo for the trust on saturday – i must admit i nearly died when you just handed gizmo over and how gentle you were gizmo thank you.
    if i am ever fortunate to be at a roadshow where you are again i will kick my boss right up the behind to come and say hello to you both and the only problem you will have then is getting rid of me – thanks once again
    lots of love and light always to you all

  • brdgetcoxon:

    hi i am looking to give a parrot a good iwll take good care of it i just love parrots plese can u et in touch with me thanks bridget

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